The Day – When the Large Hadron Collider is turned on the Universe is changed …

Welcome to The Day, a creator driven RPG/PBeM where each player member is challenged to contribute, expand and build the Universe of The Day. To begin, you, as a player can decide if you wish to be a Reader – essentially, the game’s DM, but a character who has the ability to see what has and has not been changed in our reality when the LHC was switched on. From there you set up the contributing storyline, context and player NPCs, and invite other players to participate as Writers – the story’s active characters who can change, allow, or stop the events of The Day.

Or, you can be both, by creating independent stories and characters of your own creation outside of the games established cast of NPC characters and groups. The goal of our project is to build origin content, giving us the potential of publishing our work as eBooks, a RPG module, or an ongoing, online SIM (See Terms and Agreement).