Terms and Agreements

The Day – Terms and Agreements

The Day is an online, interactive collaborative project between the concept creator and developer and the writers and artists who have joined the project. All established characters, concepts, and world building ideas have been legally copyrighted through the Library of Congress, Copyright Department of the United States of America, and are the sole property of The Day Franchise. As a collaborative project, The Day has many intentions for those who join and participate. Online SIM – Members are invited to join the online story and story building SIM that is at the core of The Day. Membership is free and new members are encouraged to explore, read, and ask questions concerning everything from characters, terminology, and world building ideas. Once done, members may create their own characters, or select those available for open use, and begin writing/creating their own stories, or collaborate with other members/Readers or Writers to add to the ongoing adventure and virtual limitless potential that is The Day. Publishing – As a new and original concept, another aspect of The Day is to give members the opportunity to publish their works. If members choose to pursue such an endeavor, any works created within the context of The Day are to be published under the brand and label henceforth known as The Day.

Only completed works that are formatted as a short story, novella, a complete novel, or a set of stories as an anthology will be considered publishable material. The Day is not a publishing company. Publishing avenues will be pursued through self-publishing avenues such as those offered by companies such as Amazon.com (CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing).

Once a work has been published profit sharing will favor the writer(s) with a shared percentage going to The Day’s owner with nothing shared above 15% of gross profits. This means that a maximum of 85% of the publishing gross profits will go to the writer(s), while a maximum of 15% will be retained by the brand’s label, and owner.  Any publishing ventures must be done through the approval of the written material, and agreed upon terms between the writer(s) and the owner himself. RPG – The final intention of The Day is the creation and publishing of an RPG game. Such an aim is the final goal and ambition of this project. Development will begin once a successful membership base has been established, along with any published works that will further our aimed demographics and market value. Opportunities —  As a new and developing idea, The Day is openly looking for candidates for collaboration and partnerships. This includes amateur, published and self-published, writers, game developers, those who have a love a multi-genre works of the imagination. The clay is still wet for those to, not only fashion, but to become core architects for what may come as the final vision and realization of

The Day.